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Safety A Crucial Element In Mining: Award Winner Nigel Bain 2016

Nigel Bain the general manager of Turquoise Ridge is the winner of 2016 International Society of Mine safety professionals. Each year in US the award is given out to the outstanding executive in Leadership for environment, health and safety

Apart from this the society gave out an award for Recognition of Internal achievement to Nigel Bain over the entire Mine Turquoise Ridge. The ceremony awards were presented in Reno, Nevada in the month of July. It’s accepted by Bain that Turquoise Ridge has rendered great services for the mining sector under Safety culture; he said that he was hired as the General Manager of the ridge in the year mid of 2011 and set off to restructure the cultural security of the mine. Mr. Simon Pollard revealed one of the aspects of Nigel Bain that he stays on field makes queries to people gives out suggestions and is a nice person.

Safety a very vital element of Mining Industry, It is said that when Bain Joined the company and was assigned the task of ensuring on field safety so he started caring for his people and won their confidence that he was trying to bring positive change ensuring safety standards on field.  Once he began to introduce changes so the entire workforce being had trust in their heart that Nigel has worthed experience of Mining which is a very much risky field so they humbly accepted the up gradation of safety standards set by Bain. Nigel Bain while working on safety believed that the place should do well so that people working there they perform well and he wanted them to do well.

Another change which Bain wanted to bring for Ridge was that he wanted to use advanced and mechanized drill rather than going for traditional jack leg drills. The other side of picture showed that the miners felt comfort while doing jack leg drills but idea of Nigel was to ensure safety the workers feared that the transition will make production suffer a loss and it happened loss took place but in initial phase only later on as per Bain’s expectation things settled down safety and Production both went hands in hands.

The colleagues of the award winner Mr. Nigel Bain said that Production is very vital in mining in the same as in other sectors or Industry, Nigel had great pressure of Production but he did not bow down to it he said to his fellowmen that we shall achieve production targets but if we leave even an inch on the safety matter then it will not be fair, we need to achieve both aims simultaneously.

The work for safety said by Nigel was not only his effort but he carries forward them to his team as well. He said that safety measures should not be compromised at any stage as he believed that workers do so much for the company, the mining sector overall in return they should be paid off by ensuring safety and security of their lives as when they are on field there are many hurdles to face including surrounding of heavy machinery, being underground, fear of site collapse, gaseous explosions, and much more. Nigel believed that regular input should be taken from workers as to how betterment can be brought in Mining sector as to production and safety both as they are on field most of the time so they may contribute valuable experience inputs.

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