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Fabric Invented To Form Energy By Wind And Sunshine

Scientists and researchers are constantly trying to find more and more advance solutions in diverse sectors, in the same manner constant effort is being made to work on Energy Sector. Since a long time research was being done on Generating Energy through Fabric using wind and Sun. Researchers at the University of Georgia being on the same line of action have developed a Fabric which can generate energy from wind and sun both.

Use of textile products may lead to wearing of clothes which can generate enough energy to charge devices such as smart phones and global positioning systems. The textile products may simply be defined as something as a device which can be a source of charging though wind blowing on a sunny day, where the two source of wind and sunlight can work out together to cater the micro charging needs illustrate by Mr. Zhong a professor from Georgia Tech School of Material Science and Engineering.

The Development of the Fabric performing dual functions a machine was designed basically a textile machine which could perform the function of weaving the solar cells together formed with lightweight fibers of polymers along with fiber-based triboelectric nanogenerators.

The Fiber based technology captures the energy which comes into existence when certain materials are charged electrically as they come into contact which is a moving one with a different material.

Professor Wang says that the fabric invented having thickness of 320 micrometers can be integrated with wool strands, merged with Tents further on curtains and garments. As polymers are environment friendly hence they are used mostly to make textile they are inexpensive too.


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