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Industrial Cranes On Their Respective Lanes!!!

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Cranes (Industrial) are machines which are utilised for lifting and transporting large and heavy items using chains, wire-ropes or sheaves. They are mainly brought to performance while constructing and renovating; buildings and structures. Speed and agility for the processes are improved once the machines are involved for accelerated progress.
Rushing in your doorway are the possibilities to achieve extensive altitudes for your organizations, as you compete in the Next Generation of Cranes manufactured globally with the help of TRADEKEY.com!
Reports (TechNavio) have analysed a constant increase in the Marketplaces which include Construction and Renovations from 2012 to 2016 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 7.16 %. There are however imminent factors which affect the growth rate of the Crane manufacturing Industry directly and indirectly:-
  • The upfront Cost-Price of new and used Cranes supplied all around the world.
  • The period of construction needed for a specific project (hence indirectly affecting the Per Year Return on Investment).
  • The areas which are targeted for foundation purposes.
  • Change in technology over a period of time and particular wear and tear of the machines.

Stay Tuned!

Excavating a bit more, we get to know which countries and areas are ready for action in the upcoming years according to the trends they have been following in the past; the report will uncover Global strategies (mainly EMEA and APAC) on the import & export of Cranes and relative machines!

Which regions will be focusing more upon constructive-machinery in the coming future?

The more we dig in; the more cranes we FIND OUT!

As per scenario of the dampening after-effects of the Global Economic Slump seen in some of the past years, the developing countries which include Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific and Russia, will engage their maximum Investment Capital on Constructive Industrial Machines and Cranes altogether. The recent news covers show some vital examples on the particular category within the Asian regional scoops.

UAE boasts off with most of its under-construction skyscrapers and buildings that are already built but still tipping the scales with their heights! Amongst the top giants in construction; starting off with the Chinese engineers with plans to give us 127 floors off of the ground, there’s the Shanghai Tower with plans to be completed in 2014. The second runner-up is the South Korean - Lotte World Premium Tower, hitting the locals with 1-2-3 floors; btw, the Chinese papers dubbed it as a 1-2-3-numbers game to be won by its talented engineers till 2015! And falling slightly back at the third position, while being a good news for the CRANE MANUFATURERS is the Indian World One building planned for the next year (2014) with 117 floors up the sky! There are very recent news updates on a futuristic skyscraper to be built in Pakistan, planned to be taller than the Burj Khalifa in UAE (plans are still in process).
Other than the trends discussed above, the APAC regional governments (namely; China, India, Japan, UAE and Indonesia) are investing heavily on construction and infrastructure. The regions are reported to be continuously developing in the next 10 years and the integrated investment is in TRILLIONS!

EUROPE is not sitting back when the competition to touch the sky is so high! Taking the first place is the “CityEco Place” in UK with plans to finalise till 2015 with 108 floors; just two meters short in height, the second one is going for the 16 England Square, again in UK with plans till 2015 with 108 floors.

Now, let us see the positive attributes and the possible effects in connection with these Skyscrapers for the “come and go” on Cranes and excavating machines all over the world. With these and many other buildings on blue-papers in question, there is little doubt that the Cranes will be imported by the famous groups of engineers within these regions from companies all around the world producing these heavy machines; the CHOSEN ONES will be who offer Price, Product, Promotion, and the closest Place – the 4 P’s of the Marketing Mix.
Price: the tag which carries the heaviest weight of being responsible to attract customers!
Product: the innovation and technology of the Crane in contrast to the available options.

Promotion: the clients will only know about your machines if they are appropriately brought to knowledge via advertisement or marketing.
Place: since the maximisation of global trade, this factor has minimised to a minimum; yet still affects the overall pricing of the machine as the cost-price involves freight charge.

As time passes, the technology is upgraded for each and everything mechanical around us; from watches to mobile phones, from computers to tablet-PCs, and from Vehicles to Cranes.

Used cranes or new cranes?

A comparison in the types of Industrial Cranes sold internationally

Why buy new, when a used will do!

The advantages of Used-Cranes:-
  • THE BEST BENEFIT = Lower cost for the buyer
  • Resources i.e. fixed-assets, are utilised to their maximum potential (hence a socio-economic benefit)
  • Lower initial cost would mean greater ROI (average) for the overall project on paper
  • Even the used-crane quality is certified by companies through tests and inspection processes leading to the same end-user experience
  • A Conventional machine would mean a conventional (lower salary) operator will easily be running it
  • Finding the particular machine that SUITS YOUR particular NEEDS will be easier
  • Many companies provides the buyers with a maintenance certificate that guarantees the usage history and its performance

Expand your View,
Buy a crane – A Brand-New Crane!

Benefits of New-Cranes:-
  • The Latest technology; and a high-efficiency mechanism work-force [for example the updated cranes having an electrical variable frequency drive (VFD) system]
  • Much lesser chances of maintenance problems interfering your work; new mechanical parts pose much lesser issues rather than used parts
  • Time saved from lesser operational hindrances
  • Reliability of work-loads
  • A motivating factor for the workers using new machinery
  • Lesser pollution (noise and air) from new automotive parts
  • Higher mechanical-advantage-ratio for the workforce (overall)
  • All the features listed above result in a greater productivity level

S-W-O-T Analysis

Industrial Crane markets uncovered!


Economies will be strengthening in the coming periods with particular spotlight on the continental evolution and prosperity within South Korea, Russia, China, Brazil, India and Pakistan. The sectors which will be exploited by the investors are Marine Transportation, Mining, Construction (infrastructure), and entertainment. These advancements will develop transactional behaviour for most Electrical machines and Devices.


First come first serve basis theory will come in handy for the early investment-entrants in the sub-continents of Latin America, East Asia, North Africa and Eastern Europe; will most definitely experience growth in revenues and awareness for all the manufacturers. Manufacturers who fail to understand local market trends may not earn high enough. Industrial cranes reaching very prices may not see buyers at all in Still-Developing countries.


Awareness of emerging brands and the already established ones will take place, as manufacturers and service-related facilities (for example Branded Super-Marts) invest into the regions mentioned above in the analysis. Lower-costs, higher economies-of-scale, and influential demands will be seen as developing countries support new entrants; market reach is expandable and constant market-share increase is inevitable for the construction industry.


Present competition and high tax-barriers in some (mainly APAC) regions may hinder manufacturing and sales for industrial cranes of variable natures. Conventional workers may need extensive training to operate the latest and more-technical cranes.

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Top-5 Importers of Cranes: -
  1. Japan with 42.07 %
  2. Korea with 21.00 %
  3. Germany 13.30 %
  4. US with 6.91 %
  5. Sweden with 2.71 %

Top-5 Exporters of Cranes: -
  1. US with 8.60 %
  2. India 5.43 %
  3. Japan with 5.21 %
  4. Russia 4.91 %
  5. Brazil 4.14 %

Types of Cranes available at TradeKey:-

Tower Cranes
: balanced type recent cranes that are FIXED to the ground with concrete slabs; specifically designed for tall buildings.

Truck Cranes: a mobile crane that consists tubes one-inside-another, that has a hydraulic system to expand or retract the necessary length; especially for short-term constructions.

Crawler Cranes: based upon an undercarriage bundled with TRACKS, these are also mobile cranes; used on a site or project which needs constant movement of objects.

Hydraulic Cranes: all mobile type cranes movable with ease and in-less-time using hydraulic systems for changing lengths are termed accordingly.

Bridge Cranes: also known as Overhead Cranes, these are aligned with a hook-and-line mechanism placed itself upon a horizontally-movable carriage; mostly used in long industrial warehouses and stockrooms.

Jib Cranes: a movable hoist that controls and supports the horizontal JIB (long range object-picker) is fixed to a WALL or a floor-based Pillar; majorly used in army bases and large industries.

Boom Cranes
: all those cranes which consist of a boom that extends or retracts according to requirements of the operator, with tubes that are mounted within each other like a telescope; mostly mobile, these are moveable as per the user’s plans.

Gantry Cranes: all the cranes which have a horizontally moveable hoist which lifts objects, fall in this category of cranes; used for heavy objectives like shipbuilding and similar activities.

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