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Truck-Mounted Cranes - Benefits And Precautions

19 March 2013 Views: 1738 Likes: 0
When you have a crane that is mounted on a truck carrier, then it is known as a truck-mounted crane. It contains two major parts: One is known as the carrier or the Lower and the other one is known as the boom or the Upper. A turntable is used to connect them and the upper part is capable of swinging. Today’s modern hydraulic truck cranes normally use one engine to power the undercarriage as well as the crane. The older designs used two engines for truck cranes. They can easily travel on highways and you don’t need any special machinery, dedicated transportation or tools to move the crane from one place to another.
clearance is required. Since they are capable of lifting and moving heavy weights, Truck Mounted Cranes can easily take care of debris and clear the area. There are different types of cranes available in terms of weight lifting capabilities and you should see which one will be best for you. You can even order a custom crane to ensure that it meets your specific requirements. You can also modify older trucks for mounting.

To avoid deaths, injuries and accidents, here are a few safety measures from Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that you must bear in mind:

  • Only a qualified and trained professional must be authorized to operate your truck-mounted crane.
  • You must get the crane inspected to ensure that it is safe to use. The control system must be checked to ensure that there are no flaws in it.
  • Crane operators must know about the overhead power lines.
  • Overloading must always be avoided. You must not lift more weight than recommended by the manufacturer.

So…Now you know why truck-mounted cranes are great and how you can use them in a secure manner.
Reference: http://cranes.tradekey.com
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