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Jib Cranes - Small And Effective

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Cranes are very famous now and they are available in different sizes, types and shapes to take care of different functions. You can use a crane to lift very heavy materials and take them up and down or even move them horizontally.
They are ideal for construction, transport and manufacturing industries. You will come across cranes in many different sizes from very small to extremely large. The small ones are used mainly in workshops and factories. Large cranes are mainly used to build tall buildings and structures. You will come across many different types of cranes, but the most famous cranes are: overhead cranes, tower cranes and jib cranes

Jib cranes have a horizontal part that is called a jib or boom. You can either connect it to a wall or a pillar that is mounted tightly on the floor. You can either fix the jib in one position or allow it to swing from one end to the other. It entirely depends on your requirements and where you aim to install it.

Since these cranes are comparatively small, they are excellent for manufacturing units and warehouses where you have to lift various materials.


No matter what type of crane you use, you have to keep in mind the proper safety procedures to prevent accidents from occurring. They can turn out to be extremely dangerous and harmful if they are operated by unprofessional operators and it’s a known fact that many accidents cause serious injuries and even deaths. Before you use your jib crane, you must ensure that everything is aligned properly. The operator must know how the jib will move and where the Emergency Stop Button is located.


Jib cranes will allow you to enhance your productivity and get more work done with minimum efforts. But, you must ensure that a professional operator is hired for everyone’s safety.

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