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Introducing Different Types Of Mobile Cranes

25 March 2013 Views: 5264 Likes: 0
All serious businesses use mobile cranes when they have to lift heavy goods. The reason is that these cranes are extremely reliable, serve various purposes and their weight capacity is truly remarkable and impressive. Since they are mobile, they can easily move from one location to another. They are ideal for different types of businesses. When you begin your research to find a crane, you will notice that there are many different types of cranes available and they all serve a unique purpose.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common and famous cranes that are widely used today:


ü  Crawler Cranes: You will mainly find them in the construction industry. They are actually used for foundation jobs especially in small and medium sites. They have crawler tracks instead of wheels and this is why they can easily move even when the surface is not smooth. They allow you to lift and carry weights from one location to another.


ü  Railroad Cranes: As the name says it all, they are mainly used to deal with railroad situations, i.e. loading, maintenance, etc. Railroad cranes are extremely useful.


ü  Telescopic Mobile Cranes: They are ideal for construction sites and assembly jobs. You must use them if a proper load positioning is required. They are excellent when it comes to cost, mobility and reliability.


ü  Telescopic Rough Terrain Crane: If you need a crane in a place where the landscape is rough, then these cranes are perfect for you. They can easily work in such rough conditions.


ü  Scrap and Waste Mobile Cranes: The waste management industry can’t even think about surviving without these cranes. They are designed specifically for lifting scrap and waste.



There are a few other mobile cranes too, but these cranes are very common and they are widely used all around the world because they are durable and reliable.


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